10 Gallon Gardening Bag

10 gallon gardening bag

Dragging a bulky trash can around your garden is usually more trouble than it’s worth.

Another option is placing the trash container in a stationary spot. But this means making multiple trips back and forth, as you deposit your weeds and clippings. Either way is not convenient. Nor is is practical if you suffer from joint pains and muscle stiffness.

If mobility is a problem, you want to avoid repeatedly stooping down to pick up your yard refuse.

Collapsible gardening bags that are easy to move from place to place are designed to make working in the yard easier. You can keep it by your side until it’s filled. Then you can easily bring it to a larger, permanent trash barrel. This would make a perfect gift for an elderly gardener, or for a young mother, who needs a lightweight refuse container, in case she needs to carry it along with a small child.

10 Gallon Gardening Bag

The Fiskars 10-gallon Kangaroo Gardening Bag is designed to make yard work easier, as everything you pull up or cut down can be collected in this durable bag that’s easy to move around, since it’s lightweight and has two handles on either side.

  • This bag is easy to store, as it folds down to a height of 3 inches.
  • It easily pops up when you need to use it.
  • The Kangaroo Gardening Bag can be used for other purposes, such as bringing laundry in from a clothesline.
  • The bag shown here is the 10 gallon size. But Fiskars also makes a 30-gallon collapsible gardening bag.

Portable Lightweight 10 Gallon Gardening BagPortable Lightweight 10 Gallon Gardening Bag


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