100 Percent All Natural Wool Dryer Balls

100 percent all natural wool dryer balls

Did you know that commercial fabric softeners can hurt your health? That’s because they contain an assortment of potentially dangerous chemicals that don’t belong in your home, or anywhere near your body.

Amazingly, those sheets you throw into your dryer, or liquids you add to your wash, may contain chloroform, which is highly toxic and carcinogenic. Although we’ve been led to believe that soft clothes are good, healthy and wholesome, this is far from the case.


Fabric Softener Health Risks

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Many of the other commonly used ingredients in these products are also known toxins, such as benzyl acetate, a chemical that’s been linked to pancreatic cancer, according to Natural News, which has reported on the problem of toxins in liquid fabric softeners, as well as dryer sheets.

About 60 percent of whatever you put on your skin winds up in your bloodstream. This is why using a chemical fabric softener will expose you to hazardous substances.


100 Percent All Natural Wool Dryer Balls


However, there are a number of natural alternatives, such as Molly’s Suds Wool Dryer Balls. These balls will last up to three years, or 1,000 cycles. You will also save money on fabric softener and energy, as your clothes will dry faster. These dryer balls are made from 100 percent wool.

All Natural Wool Dryer BallsAll Natural Wool Dryer Balls