Air Sponge Odor Eliminator

air sponge odor eliminator

The last thing you want your guests to notice, when they visit your home, are lingering odors.

You might have gotten used to certain household smells. But trust me, your company will notice as soon as they walk through your front door. Masking them with natural air fresheners is one option. But you might as well get to the root of the problem by neutralizing them.

The Bad Air Sponge is designed to absorb these odors, regardless of their origin. It can take care of cigarette residue, unpleasant animal smells, as well as paint and other chemical fumes. Even the smell of mold can be resolved. This sponge is designed to pull unpleasant aromas out of the air, as well as from carpets and furniture. You can also use it in your car.

  • This is the same type of sponge used by commercial restoration experts. It is designed to neutralize even the most offensive odors.
  • The Bad Air Sponge is totally non-toxic, and works by drawing odors out of the air.
  • One bucket of sponge will last for 30 to 120 days, depending upon the extent of the problem, and will draw in unpleasant odors from an area of 400 feet. If you have a larger room, you may want to get two.

Natural Sponge Air FreshenerNatural Sponge Air Freshener


In our house, we use only natural air fresheners. We got rid of our spray fresheners and scented candles years ago. That’s because I realized these artificial scents may contain potentially toxic chemicals. According to the National Resources Defense Council, an environmental group based in New York City, many of these products are made with chemicals called phthalates. These can disrupt the hormones, and potentially cause birth defects. Also, formaldehyde and toluene may be used in some of these preparations.

The Bad Air Sponge is an all natural, non-toxic way to make your house smell better. It is safe for use around children and pets.