All Natural Soap Gift Sets

all natural soap gift sets

Anyone who’s health conscious or is fighting a serious illness will certainly appreciate a natural soap gift set.

Regular soap is often made with sodium lauryl sulfate. This is a cheap lathering agent that’s hard to avoid, unless you buy a product that clearly states it doesn’t contain this potential irritant.

Parabens are another problem. These chemical preservatives are added to many cosmetic and personal are items. They’re also known for their ability to disrupt the hormones, by mimicking the female hormone estrogen. There’s increasing concern these compounds could increase our risk of breast cancer.

Certain beauty products, soap included, may also contain phthalates. These chemicals also have estrogen-like effects, and may possibly be harmful to our health.

Several years ago, while battling a painful nerve disease, I decided I needed less toxins in my life. So I went through my kitchen and got rid of the unhealthy junk. Now, if you look in my cupboard, you’ll find mostly organic items.

I did the same thing with my cosmetics. I’ve replaced them with natural products, which I like even better.

All Natural Soap Gift Sets

As more of us become aware of what’s added to our soaps, we start to search for all natural or organic options. Or, at least we try to buy brands that don’t contain these potentially dangerous ingredients. Soap sets also make great gifts. But we don’t want to give our friends and loved ones anything that can harm their health.

Where to Buy Zum Soap

The gift box shown below contains soaps made from natural oils and essential oils, for fragrance and extra cleansing ability. These soaps are made from food-grade olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil, as well as goat milk, coffee grounds, aromatic oils and mineral pigments. This comes in an attractive gift box with a really cute goat cutout, as you can see below.

This beautiful gift set is sold by Lucky Vitamin, a large online discount health food store. This American-based company has a huge selection and some of the lowest prices around.

Zum Bar Soap Gift PackageZum Bar Soap Gift Package

Fabulous Frannie All Natural Soap Sets

One company I’m very familiar with is Fabulous Frannie. (That’s because I’m a repeat customer.) This is a small California-based operation that makes a large line of essential oils, as well as handmade soaps and other aromatherapy products. The soaps you see below are made from plant-based materials. Shown below is a set of 10 bars (4 ounces each) of herbal soaps, scented with Fabulous Frannie essential oils. At home, I often use a special germ-fighting blend made by this company. Aromatherapists have long believed that essential oils were good for warding off infections. Now, at least in the lab, modern researchers are also beginning to discover this is true.

Fabulous Frannie Herbal Soap Set

Fabulous Frannie Soaps 4 Ounce

It’s also possible to buy Fabulous Frannie handmade soaps in single bars, instead of in sets. These soaps are totally plant based. For instance, the ingredients in the 4-ounce bar of peppermint soap, shown in the middle, are olive oil, water, coconut oil, organic palm oil, soy oil, ¬†sunflower oil, ¬†shea butter, peppermint essential oil, peppermint leaves and tocopherols (natural vitamin e).

Honey Almond SoapPeppermint Herbal SoapFlower Fields Herbal Soap