All Natural Sunscreens Without Chemicals

all natural sunscreens without chemicals

We need sunlight in order for our bodies to make Vitamin D, a nutrient that’s crucial for good health. However, at the same time, we don’t want to get a sunburn, which potentially puts us at higher risk for skin cancer.

Most doctors recommend sunscreen for people who spend time outdoors. However, many of these products contain questionable chemicals, such as oxybenzone, which may have the potential to disrupt the hormones.

All Natural Sunscreens Without Chemicals

However, there are a number of more natural sunscreens on the market, such as Teva Sun Protect, shown below, which contains natural zinc oxide as an active ingredient. It offers an SPF of 30. Teva is formulated to eliminate the glowing white zinc oxide mask you sometimes see on lifeguards. This sunscreen also contains a number of organic and wild crafted herbs, such as fennel, chickweed and neem, as well as various essential oils.

Teva Sun Protect is also made without parabens and petroleum.

Natural Sunscreen With Essential OilsNatural Sunscreen With Essential Oils