Animal Feet Slippers For the Whole Family

animal feet slippers for the whole family

Nothing seems to elicit chuckles more than answering your front door wearing animals feet slippers. These are fun, playful slippers that serve the dual purpose of also warming your feet.

I can’t imagine anyone not liking animal feet slippers. If they didn’t appreciate these eccentric foot gear, I’d start to question their sense of humor. Some of the more unusual types of paw and claw slippers are found online. There is a large selection of colors and varieties, so everyone in the family can have their own unique set of paws or claws.

Monster Claw Slippers for Adults

Some of the cutest slippers around are “monster claws.” You can parade around the house and pretend you’re Bigfoot. Does Bigfoot exist? That question is a matter of intense speculation, even within serious scientific communities.

Reports of large ape-like creatures that inhabit the Pacific Northwest, as well as other areas of North America, have been heard for centuries. The native peoples spoke of this as if it were a fact. European settlers also claim to have encountered hairy creatures that walk upright and stand more than seven feet tall. Mysterious footprints have shown that Bigfoot, if he’s real, has feet that can grow to two feet in length.

Monster Feet Bedroom Slippers

The stories of Big Foot have never gone away. Now a group of scientists have formed the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization to gather factual information as to whether this animal exists. The organization, right now, believes Bigfoot lives among us. But, being nocturnal, these apes aren’t seen very often and have managed, for their own protection, to usually evade humans. The BFRO believes the population of Bigfoot apes is low, another reason they can exist under the radar.

Anyway, if you’d like your own pair of monster feet/bigfoot slippers, they’re available online. Here are three different styles of monster claw slippers. The slippers shown in the middle and on the far right are available in a range of colors and prints.

Grizzly Paw SlippersGrizzly Paw SlippersPlus Monster SlippersPlus Monster SlippersAnimal Claw SlippersAnimal Claw Slippers


Green Dinosaur Claw Slippers

Dinosaurs are making a comeback, at least in the slipper market. Here are two styles of green/greenish dinosaur slippers, which will make your feet look very attractive, as well as keep them warm. If you’re really daring, you can wear them to work if your office has a casual attire day.

Dinosaur Claw SlippersDinosaur Claw SlippersGreen Dinosaur SlippersGreen Dinosaur Slippers


Bear Tracks Slippers for Adults

Brown bears still live in many parts of the United States, although the California Grizzley, which you see on the state flag, has been hunted into extinction. Over hunting has also led to the decline of the bear population in other regions of the country.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Like a mother bear protecting her cubs?” That’s because females with cubs can become very aggressive if humans or other animals get too close. Brown bears kill an average of two people a year in the United States, often because hunters or hikers inadvertently stumble into a den.

Despite their aggressive nature, bears are lovable, at least from a distance. ┬áThe bear paws shown below are available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. The ones on the right also come in different colors.

Bear Claw Slippers All SizesBear Claw Slippers All SizesBrown Bear Claw SlippersBrown Bear Claw Slippers


Animal Feet Slippers for the Whole Family

When my son was little, I remember a kindly old gentleman calling him “tiger.” I thought it was a cute name for a little boy.

Tiger Paw Slippers

The biggest species of cat is the tiger. These animals, with their distinctive stripes, now live in much of Asia, although they are no longer found on the large Indonesian island of Java or on the smaller island of Bali.

Tigers are very popular animals, instantly recognizable among young children throughout the world. If you like tigers, here are some tiger paw slippers you might enjoy.

Tiger Paw SlippersTiger Paw SlippersTiger Claw SlippersTiger Claw Slippers