Animal Print Umbrellas for Women

animal print umbrellas for women

As anyone who’s ever spent time in San Francisco knows all too well, the weather is unpredictable. During the winter, you can have an extended rainy season. When it rains in California, it pours.

Strolling through the streets of this very picturesque city, which lends itself to either walking or jumping on and off a cable car, you need adequate rain gear when the skies are filled with water.

The San Francisco Umbrella Company was founded in 2012 by a man named Marc Alan Brown. Its┬ábeautiful creations, many of which are animal silhouette umbrellas, are available online.┬áThe website explains that the umbrellas are made in the “tradition” of fine umbrella makers found in Europe and Asia.

According to the website, the company now sells 40 different animal-themed umbrellas. It says it has “created a powerful brand in the pet and zoo markets.”

Animal Print Umbrellas for Women

The umbrellas are printed with silhouette cut-outs of different dog breeds, cats, dolphins, giraffes and other designs. When you see one of these distinctive colorful umbrellas, you know immediately where it comes from. There’s even a Golden Gate Bridge umbrella. Below, you’ll see some of the dog-themed styles.

Dachshund Print Umbrella

This appears to be a popular style, which is no surprise. So many people like dachshunds, now commonly referred to as “doxies.” This umbrella, when it’s open has a 48-inch arch.

Dachshund Print UmbrellaDachshund Print Umbrella


Scottish Terrier Umbrella

This cute Scottish-Terrier style umbrella pictures this breed in black against pink. The umbrella material itself has a satiny feel and, extended, has a span that measures 48 inches. It has a 48-inch arch.

Scottish Terrier UmbrellaScottish Terrier Umbrella


Pug Dog Umbrella

Pugs are really popular right now. So it’s easy to find a lot of great pug-themed gifts, including the salmon-colored pug dog umbrella shown here. This would probably make the pug lover in your life very happy.

Pug Dog UmbrellaPug Dog Umbrella