Anti Anxiety Vest For Cats

anti anxiety vest for cats

Is your cat skittish during a thunderstorm? Or, perhaps, when a dog is barking outside? Or, when company comes to visit?

Sometimes, the introduction of a new pet in the house can cause a domesticated kitty a great deal of distress. Of course, that dreaded trip to the vet is a challenge, even for the most unflappable feline.┬áHe or she is visibly nervous when you put him in the cat carrier. The anxiety doesn’t end until you return home, and your cat runs under the bed and stays there for hours.

Traveling is stressful for all cats. Unlike dogs, they usually aren’t eager to jump in the car to go for a ride. They are very much creatures of habit, and, in general, they don’t like their routine disrupted.

It is possible to obtain sedatives or tranquilizers for felines. However, especially, for short-term nervousness, it’s also possible to calm a cat more naturally.


Anti Anxiety Vest For Cats


Putting a calming coat on a cat, when anxiety hits, may help take the edge off. This stress-relief coat, which you can see below, is designed to make a cat feel safe and secure, no matter what’s happening around them. It offers a potentially drug-free solution to feline nervousness.

This snug coat comes in sizes small, medium and large and is machine washable.

Calm Cat Calming CoatCalm Cat Calming Coat


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