Are Plant Therapy Essential Oils Good?

Are Plant Therapy essential oils good

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Quality

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Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot more about Plant Therapy essential oils. I’ve been using them myself for years. My first purchase was made out of curiosity. Up until then, I was an MLM shopper.

But I started wondering if I needed to be. I wanted to expand my essential oil collection, and I wondered if, perhaps, there was a better way to do it.

So I took the plunge.

My first purchase was peppermint essential oil. It far exceeded my expectations. So I did a little research on this family-run company. I found out it’s very committed to quality. I soon became convinced me that I could use these oils with full confidence. They are double tested for purity. One test is done by an independent lab.

I also ran my own test at home. How did I do this?

It was easy. I took a piece of construction paperĀ and placed a drop of oil on it. Within 15 minutes, nothing was left. There was no spot on the paper, no ring, no residue. This oil was 100 percent pure, just what was described on the label.

Despite their name, essential oils are not true oils. They are volatile plant extracts that quickly evaporate. Or, at least they should. If an oil residue is left behind on a piece of construction paper, it usually means something else was added to the mix. This is a bad sign when a bottle is labeled 100 percent pure.

Are Plant Therapy Essential Oils Good?

Essential oil fraud is a common complaint. But it’s something I don’t worry about with Plant Therapy, which also works with a world famous aromatherapist.

According to its website, the company strives to make high-quality oils available to everyone. The set below contains 6 popular oils often purchased by beginners. In case you can’t see from the picture, these are eucalyptus, lavender, orange, peppermint, lemon and tea tree oil. This set would allow you to create your own essential oil recipes for massage, health and beauty and non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Plant Therapy Sampler SetPlant Therapy Sampler Set


Essential oils have so many uses, above and beyond what we may normally use them for. For instance, a lot of people (myself included) use peppermint oil for insect and rodent control. These pests hate the smell of peppermint.

Lately, I’ve been hearing much more about Plant Therapy, which seemed like a relatively unknown label back when I bought my first bottle. Now, it seems as if a lot of the natural health bloggers have also discovered this brand, and are writing about it. To me, it’s no surprise that it’s starting to really take off.

Plant Therapy Essential Oil Lavender

One of my Plant Therapy purchases is a bottle of pure lavender essential oil made from the Lavandula officinalis plant, which is true lavender. It smells exquisite, without the chemical overtones you find with some other lavender oils. One situation that’s also come to light is that some sellers may substitute another closely related plant named lavendin, instead of the real thing. Since it doesn’t smell as sweet as lavender, there’s concern that artificial fragrances may be used. But there’s no worry with Plant Therapy, because what’s inside the bottle is what’s described on the label.

If you’re looking to expand your aromatherapy collection, a kit is a good way to go. Buying essential oils in a kit is more cost effective than getting them individually. So you can save even more off of Plant Therapy’s already reasonably priced oils. The kit shown below contains seven of the company’s most popular singles, as well as seven of its syngery blends.

Plant Therapy Singles and Synergy SetPlant Therapy Singles and Synergy Set


Plant Therapy oils can also be purchased individually. So if you just want to try the lavender, or another popular variety, it’s possible to do so without buying an entire set.

Lavender Essential Oil 10 mlLavender Essential Oil 10 mlOrganic Sweet Orange Essential OilOrganic Sweet Orange Essential OilPlant Therapy Peppermint OilPlant Therapy Peppermint Oil



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