Baby First Picture Ultrasound Frame

baby first picture ultrasound frame

One the most exciting milestones for expectant parents, and grandparents, is to see the first baby ultrasound. I’ll never forget when I got the first glimpse of my children. They were so tiny, yet so full of promise. They were the first visible signs that my pregnancies were, indeed, real.

As this technology keeps improving, we keep getting better and better glimpses of the child in the womb.

From the first heartbeat, to the first time you can finally see your baby’s facial features, the ultrasound is a visible reminder a new person is coming into the world.

Every life is a gift, and the sooner you can see it, the better.

One thing that never ceased to amaze me is how my own children’s ultrasounds allowed me to see what they’d look like when they were born. For instance, I could tell that my daughter, even at 20 weeks gestation, would look like my mother. This is, in fact, whom she resembles most.

Also, the doctor who read my son’s ultrasound at 20 weeks told me I was having a cute baby. Once he was born, I thought so too.

Since nearly every expectant Mom is now given copies of the ultrasound, a variety of picture frames are available to showcase this precious keepsake. I’ll show you a few of my favorites here.

Love at First Sight Ultrasound Frame

This beautiful frame shown below would make a great present for an expectant couple. It holds a 4 by 5-inch ultrasound. This sturdy frame is made from wood, colored silver. It can either be displayed on a shelf or a mantle, or hung on the wall.

Love at First Sight Ultrasound FrameLove at First Sight Ultrasound Frame


Baby First Picture Ultrasound Frame

This is a much different twist on the classic ultrasound frame, featuring an image of an expectant mother with the child growing inside her. Made by Malden, which sells a wide range of baby and family-related picture frames, this item is made from metal and the glass that holds the image is glare resistant.

Picture Frames Baby UltrasoundPicture Frames Baby Ultrasound


First Ultrasound Picture Frame

This lovely ultrasound frame is also made by Malden. This is a white wooden frame that allows for either a 3 by 4-inch picture, or a 4 by 6-inch image.

First Ultrasound Picture FrameFirst Ultrasound Picture Frame


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