Beach Umbrella With Anchors

beach umbrella with anchors

Beach umbrellas are a great invention. But many of them have one characteristic flaw. When a strong gust of wind comes along, as often happens at the seashore, these giant sun shades can topple over. Flyaway beach umbrellas can be dangerous, for yourself and also for other beach goers.

Each summer, it seems, there are news reports of injuries caused by uprooted umbrellas. In 2006, the New York Daily News reported that a woman injured by a “torpedo” beach umbrella received $200,000 in damages.

Also, in 2011, it was reported in The Cape Cod times that a beach goer in Dennis, Massachusetts lost his eye from a flying umbrella.

In light of these and other incidents, a number of products have come onto the market to anchor beach umbrellas in place. Please not that I’m not claiming an anchor will prevent an injury from an overturned or “flying” umbrella. But these devices are designed for additional stabilization.

If you already own an umbrella, you can purchase a Noblo Umbrella Buddy, which is a  portable anchor designed to prevent your umbrella from taking off.

Or, if you’re in the market for a new umbrella, you may want to consider the line of Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrellas, which contain built in “anchors,” which are actually easy-to use-screws at the bottom of the pole, allowing you to place an umbrella in the sand more securely.

Beach Umbrella With Anchors

This 7-foot beach umbrella by Tommy Bahama is the 2015 release. Although it is difficult to see from the picture, at the bottom is a built-in screw-style anchor. The umbrella is planted in the sand by rotating handles on the pole.

This bright umbrella with the fashionable Tommy Bahama logo also includes:

  • A special “wind vent” that allows strong gusts to blow through, designed to reduce resistance to wind. (However, in extremely strong winds, you should close a beach umbrella.)
  • Special additional UV protection from an underside aluminum coating.
  • The umbrella comes with a carrying case.
  • The ability to tilt, and move with the sun.

Beach Umbrella With Sand AnchorBeach Umbrella With Sand Anchor


Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella Blue

Tommy Bahama umbrellas come in a variety of styles, including the aqua blue-striped model shown below. Like the red beach a built in anchor that screws into the sand.

Blue Beach Umbrella With AnchorBlue Beach Umbrella With Anchor


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