Bee Propolis Cream For Skin

bee propolis cream for skin

Bee Friendly Skin Care cream is designed to reduce the visible signs of aging and renew the skin of your face and neck. As the name suggests, its active ingredients are harvested from bees.

It contains a formula of honey from colonies in Hawaii, as well as bee pollen and bee propolis, which is a substance made of natural plant resins and bee secretions. It’s used by the bees to coat and seal their hives.

Bee Propolis Cream For Skin

Propolis is now recognized as having medicinal properties, which is why it’s becoming increasingly popular as a dietary supplement. Propolis and bee pollen have been used for centuries by traditional medical practitioners and they are now found in natural cosmetics because of their reputation for making the skin look younger.

Bee Friendly Skin Care contains no fillers, toxic chemicals or hormone disrupting parabens. Some of the other ingredients include olive oil, raw Hawaiian honey and essential oils.

Bee Propolis Cream For SkinBee Propolis Cream For Skin



These statements have not been approved by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

People with bee allergies or allergies to honey, or those taking certain medications, should speak with their doctor before using products with bee pollen, according to the WebMD site, which also recommended against bee pollen for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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