Birthday Candle that Sings

birthday candle that sings

What’s so special about a singing birthday candle? Well, for one thing, it plays the famous tune “Happy Birthday to You.” It also rotates while a large center flame surrounded by 14 smaller flames wait for you to blow them all out, so you can get your birthday wish. The folded petals also drop when the flames are lit.

Birthday Candle that Sings

This candle will definitely add some zing to your next birthday bash. It is meant for one time use, and, if you plan to order, make sure you give it plenty of time for the item to arrive. This one is guaranteed to be a hit at your next birthday party.

The blue-colored spinning candle is shown below. But this can also be ordered in other shades, including red, pink, white and yellow.

Singing Birthday CandleSinging Birthday Candle