Black Seed Oil Capsules Health Benefits

black seed oil capsules health benefits

Black seed has been used for thousands of years in the Middle East and also in India. The seeds themselves, which are sometimes referred to as black cumin, are used for flavoring food.

In recent years, this natural remedy has become popular in other parts of the world, as more people become aware of its potential health benefits.

Traditionally black seed, or Nigella sativa as it’s known scientifically, has been used to treat liver problems, digestive complaints and hypertension, as well as for pain relief and various other conditions, according to the medical publication Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine. Modern researchers are now exploring this plant’s potential to help with cancer, diabetes, immune system conditions, asthma and other illnesses.

Black Seed Oil Capsules Health Benefits

Some people take whole black seeds and grind them for medicinal purposes. These seeds are typically mixed with raw honey before being consumed.

But it’s much more convenient to take this herb in old form, especially in capsules, which help to hide its strong, pungent taste.

Many people now take this black cumin seed capsules to support their overall good health. It also contains substances known to reduce inflammation.

The gel caps shown here are very affordable. They’re sold by Vitacost, a large online discount health food store, which is one of my very favorite places to shop online.

Amazing Herb Black Seed CapsulesAmazing Herb Black Seed Capsules



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Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take herbal remedies unless directed to do so by a healthcare professional.

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