Where To Buy Vanilla Essential Oil

Where to buy vanilla essential oil

Oftentimes, I think people spend way too much for their essential oils. Depending upon what you use them for, it may make sense to buy a lesser-known brand that isn’t sold by multilevel marketing representatives.

Whenever you shop this way, you need to remember that commissions are built into the price.

Most of the time, I don’t buy MLM brands. Instead, I’ve found a number of other good choices, and these oils are marketed directly to the consumer.

Where To Buy Vanilla Essential Oil

For most purposes, I bypass the MLM networks. That’s because really good quality oils can be had from a number of other companies. I like to experiment, so I’ve purchased oils from a number of different vendors. I like to sample offerings from various companies, in order to recommend them to my readers.

I also like to use different aromatics, because I’ve found that switching them around seems to make them work better. So, for me, variety is important.

Vanilla essential oil is known for its ability to bring about feelings of peace, calm and tranquility. It’s considered good for insomniacs, because a couple of drops on a cloth, placed by your pillow, can often facilitate deep sleep.

Actually, I consider myself a former insomniac. Essential oils and other natural remedies have helped me so much that sleep now comes much easier. Please understand that I’m not promising miracles. But aromatic oils have done so much for me.

Where To Find Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla oil is tricky. It’s difficult to distill. It’s either derived by Co2 extraction or by processing vanilla beans with solvents. (This is because vanilla beans cannot be steam distilled.) That’s why I searched high and low for a brand that wasn’t processed with solvents, which was still affordable. My best recommendation is Aura Cacia vanilla diluted with jojoba oil. Even though it has this natural additive, I felt it was better than a brand of straight vanilla oil treated with solvents.

So here is Aura Cacia Vanilla in Jojoba. This is one of the brands I use myself and often recommend to my readers.

Vanilla Essential Oil in JojobaVanilla Essential Oil in Jojoba



These statements have not been approved by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Women who are nursing or pregnant should not use essential oils unless directed to do so by a healthcare professional.

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