Calm Spray For Cats

calm spray for cats

Have you ever lived with a territorial cat? My husband and I had one of these felines. It wasn’t fun. It’s a good thing we loved him, or else we wouldn’t have been able to put up with his indoor spraying.

Apparently, our cat felt threatened. So he reacted by spraying and sometimes by scratching our furniture or whatever else he felt like sinking his claws into.

Calm Spray For Cats

There are various ways to try to stop this behavior. I wish I had known about them then. Once our cat passed on, we decided to get a dog for our next pet. That’s how difficult the spraying was to live with. He was in indoor cat, although he probably shouldn’t have been.

Many pet owners who find themselves in this predicament try a number of different remedies. One is a special diffuser that emits calming pheromones that mimic those naturally produced by nursing cats. This might be something to try once any underlying medical condition has been ruled out by your vet.

I can’t promise this will solve your spraying problem. But some pet owners have reported good results. It might be worth a try if your cat’s behavior has become a problem. There’s research that does suggest this product is often successful.

Studies have shown that it’s effective in reducing spraying and scratching for 90 percent of domesticated felines.

It’s a relatively easy fix, if it works for you. The diffuser can be plugged into any outlet where a cat has marked his turf.

Cat Calming Stress SprayCat Calming Stress Spray