Where Can I Buy Fresh Cab Mouse Repellent?

Where can I buy Fresh Cab mouse repellent

Rats and mice love to come indoors to escape inclement weather. They like to use our homes to nest. They also like to dine on whatever we leave out.

Once they get inside, they’ll forage for food. My husband and I learned this the hard way, because we left open stores of grains and legumes in our basement. I had stocked up on non perishables for a disaster event. Little did I know this would be caused by little furry creatures. I honestly had no idea that open stores of food was an open invitation to rodents.


Essential Oil Pouches for Rodents

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Getting rid of these beasts took a multi-pronged approach, which include aromatic essential oils. We used natural essential oils to deter them. We also invested in an electronic rat zapper. Although I hate the thought of killing an animal, mice and rats carry disease. So I had to put my family members ahead of these uninvited guests.

This electronic zapper was not messy, like regular spring traps can be. Plus, rodents can outsmart these devices, grabbing the bait and running. Leaving poisons around is also problematic, especially if you have young children or animals. Traps designed to capture these pests, so they can be set free, may or may not work. So we used the rat zapper to trap as many as we could.


Where Can I Buy Fresh Cab Mouse Repellent?


I also used essential oils in an effort to keep rodents out of specific areas. I believe this is good method of deterrent, as rats and mice hate the smell of certain aromatics. In and of itself, though, aromatics will probably not solve a serious entrenched rodent problem, at least as far as I can see. But I did find essential oils useful, along with trapping and sealing any food that mice could potentially get into. This includes not any leaving dog food out overnight.

Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent, which you can see below, contains bags filled with natural balsam fir oil, which is offensive to rodents, when used in an enclosed area, such as a kitchen cupboard, bedroom closets or in an RV. These bags are perfectly safe, even around children.

Fresh Cab Mouse RepellentFresh Cab Mouse Repellent


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