Cast Iron Cleaning Tools

cast iron cleaning tools

Cast iron pans last forever. They are virtually indestructible. In my own kitchen, I use a pan passed down from my late grandmother.

I am very attached to this pan. That’s because, every time I use it, I remember my grandmother standing by her stove, using this skillet to make one of her delicious dinners.

She made the most wonderful goulash, with hamburg, tomato paste and green beans. She’d fry these ingredients in her skillet on her stovetop. Then she’d cover it with scoops of mashed potatoes, which she’d brown, but putting the pan in the oven.


Cast Iron Skillet Cleaner

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In recent years, I also purchased a larger skillet, which I use in addition to my grandmother’s pan. Part of the reason I use cast iron is for nostalgic reasons. However, I won’t use coated pans under any circumstances, because of the toxic fumes given off when they’re heated. For me, cooking with cast iron is a good alternative.

Although cast iron has many advantages, easy cleaning isn’t one of them. Regular kitchen sponges usually don’t do an adequate job, even after hours of soaking. My grandmother’s old pan seems to clean easier than my newer cast iron skillet. Maybe it’s because the older pan is better seasoned.


Cast Iron Cleaning Tools


In any event, getting food off of cast iron pans is why The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner was invented. This rust-proof stainless steel scrubber will easily remove the grit, without disturbing a pan’s seasoning. It can also be used on other cast iron products, such as tortilla pans or waffle makers.


The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner


You can also use The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner to get that baked-on grime off of glass pans and casserole dishes.

The Ringer Cast Iron CleanerThe Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner