Cat Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Cat self cleaning litter boxes

Is scooping dirty kitty litter not one of your favorite activities? Do you wish your cat didn’t have to relieve himself quite so often?

Litter is messy business. Even if you change it frequently, you can never quite seem to stay ahead of the odor, not to mention the fact that cats tend to hurl their litter out of the box. Also, they tend to track bits of clay through the house.

While no one can promise to totally rid you of this unpleasant task of cleaning up after kitty, if you own an indoor cat, the new generation of automatic litter boxes probably comes as close as possible.

Enclosed boxes reduce the likelihood of clay (or crystals) being pushed out of the box. With the higher-end products, you usually don’t have to attend to the box regularly. Once every few weeks should be enough, provided you don’t have multiple cats or an extremely large cat that eats a lot.┬áThese top-of-the line boxes feature disposable trays, pre-filled with litter.

Cat Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

The ScoopFree Ultra self cleaning litter box pan only needs to be changed once every few weeks. In between, it’s designed to be virtually odor free. Solid waste is raked into a special closed compartment 20 minutes after your cat “does his business.” You could set this to happen sooner, for instance, at five-minute intervals.

You probably don’t have to worry that, perhaps, your cat will get backed up and you won’t know about it. A “Health Counter” tracks how often your pet uses the box. The hood that covers the Ultra Scoop model also helps keep the litter crystals inside.

The ScoopFree system uses disposable, pre-filled Premium Blue Crystal sheets that line the bottom of the box. Under normal circumstances these only need to be refilled every few weeks. This motorized litter box shown below must be used near an electrical outlet.

Auto Cleaning Cat Litter BoxAuto Cleaning Cat Litter Box


There is also a ScoopFree regular automatic cat litter tray that doesn’t have a hood, or all of the features found in the ScoopFree Ultra.

Self Cleaning Litter Box With Cover

The Omega Paw litter box you see below has fewer fewer bells and whistles. But it does eliminate the need for litter scooping. After your cat, or cats, use the box, you roll it to the right, until the brown top is able to hit the floor. This action causes the waste to fall into a scoop. Then, you remove the scoop and put the waste in the trash. This system uses regular litter and does not need to be plugged in.

Self Cleaning Litter Box With CoverSelf Cleaning Litter Box With Cover


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