Catholic Cathedral Puzzles

Catholic cathedral puzzles

The inside of a Catholic Church is exquisitely decorated. That’s because it’s meant to be a taste of Heaven on earth. Stepping inside, your thoughts are transported to the spiritual realm. All your worldly concerns don’t seem as important.

Cathedrals are usually bigger than the average parish church. Many, especially those found in Europe are in larger metropolitan areas around the world are designed to hold thousands of people.

The term “cathedral” refers to the main church of a particular diocese. So you’ll find these large structures in many parts of the world.

Some of the most famous examples are architecturally significant, such as Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family), designed by renowned iconic architect Antoni Guadi. Technically, this building is not a cathedral, as it’s not the bishop’s official seat. However, it has been elevated to the rank of basilica, a more important designation for a church.

Sagrada Familia Puzzle

Groundbreaking on this spectacular church was started in 1882 and continues today. It is incredibly intricate, inside and out, and has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The replica below is a 194-piece jigsaw puzzle. Completing it would make a great family project. The estimated time to put it together is about three hours.

Sagrada Familia PuzzleSagrada Familia Puzzle


St. Patrick’s Cathedral Puzzle

This is a 3D replica of the famous Cathedral of St. Patrick, located in Manhattan. This is the main church of the Archdiocese of New York City, officially dedicated in 1910. It soars 330-feet into the city skyline and holds a maximum of 3,000 people.

St Patrick's Cathedral PuzzleSt Patrick’s Cathedral Puzzle


Notre Dame Cathedral

This magnificent Cathedral of Paris was completed in 1345, after nearly 200 years of construction. It is a very famous Catholic pilgrimage destination because of its beauty and grandeur. Each year, millions of people of all faiths visit this church, which can seat as many as 9,000 people.

This puzzle is made by CubicFun, which also makes the Sagradia Familia model seen above.

Notre Dame Cathedral PuzzleNotre Dame Cathedral Puzzle


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