Doll Girl Matching Outfits

doll girl matching outfits

It’s fun to dress just like your doll, and there’s now a wide selection of outfits to choose from. You and your 18-inch doll, the standard American Girl doll size, can now wear matching dresses, pant suits, pajamas and more.

These cute and fashionable outfits are sold by Dollie & Me, a company that makes what appears to be an ever-expanding line of cute and fashionable matching outfits for girls and their dolls.

The selections come in a variety of sizes, many ranging from size 4 to 6x. (You choose the size when you place an order.) But there are also fashions available for older girls.

Doll Girl Matching Outfits

This really cute striped top with a sparkly blue skirt is just perfect for the Christmas season. Despite the fact that it’s dressy, it’s also machine washable.┬áIt would be perfect for one girl or for two sisters, who might share a doll, since it comes in different sizes. The style makes it suitable for formal events. The leggings make it more practical for play.

Girls Clothes Matching Doll ClothesGirls Clothes Matching Doll Clothes


Girls Clothes Matching Doll Clothes

A growing number of parents seem to be dressing their little girls in leggings underneath dresses, because this allows them to run and jump, without worry about their dress riding up too high. This adorable pink Dollie and Me outfit also comes in sizes 4 to 6x. This adorable pink outfit is made from polyester, so it’s easy to launder.

Little Girl Doll Matching OutfitsLittle Girl Doll Matching Outfits


Matching Pajamas for Girls Dolls

This adorable matching pink pajama set will look adorable on your little girl. It also comes in larger sizes, up to 14, for older girls. It’s made from polyester and is machine washable. It’s printed with a cute gingerbread house theme. Although you may not be able to tell from the picture, the pants for both girls and their dolls have a ruffled hem.

Matching Pajamas For Girls DollsMatching Pajamas For Girls Dolls


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