Easter Games for Preschool Kids

Easter games for preschool kids

Easter is when Christians around the world observe the Resurrection of Our Lord. It is a time of celebration, as we recognize how Jesus miraculously rose from the dead, after being put to death on the Cross.

Traditionally, young children are given Easter baskets, filled with sweets and toys. Somewhere along the line, during the last 2,000 years since Christ arose and walked out of His tomb, bunnies have become associated with this religious holiday.

The tale of the Easter bunny may have originated in Germany. He has since become a legend, similar to Santa Claus at Christmas.

Small children get very excited when they see a “real” Easter bunny at the mall or somewhere else. They also love getting bunny-themed games and toys.

Easter Games for Preschool Kids

These games are designed for the younger set. Not only do they feature cute bunnies, but they can also help develop social skills, as players need to take turns and gently nudge one another when a rule is broken.

When my children were little, games such as these are now precious memories. My daughter was very shy, so these types of activities were invaluable during play dates.

Funny Bunny Board Game

This fun and fast-moving 3D game has won the Family Fun Toy of the Year Award. Funny Bunny is designed for children aged 4 and older. Each player has his or her own bunnies of the same color. The object is to get to the large carrot planted on the top of a “hill.” Problems can happen along the way though, as hills open up and bunnies fall through.

Funny Bunny Board GameFunny Bunny Board Game


Easter Bunny Fun Games

The four farmers hiding in the corners of the Bunny Hop Game are hopping made because the rabbits are eating all of their carrots. Your job is to catch them. If you can corral four bunnies of the same color, you win. When a bunny hops out of the field, you get to keep it. This is designed for ages four and up and builds upon memory skills.

Easter Bunny Fun GamesEaster Bunny Fun Games


Jumping Jack Bunny Game

This is an easy game designed to sharpen reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Players spin and take turns pulling carrots from a garden. Jumping Jack will jump only if you choose the right carrot. If you catch him, you win. This game is designed for two to four players, ages four and older, but it looks as if it could also be enjoyed by slightly younger children.

Jumping Jack Bunny GameJumping Jack Bunny Game