Electric Sander for Feet

electric sander for feet

Going for a regular professional pedicure is expensive. It may also expose you to potentially dangerous compounds. That’s because many salons use toxic chemicals, such as nail polish containing formaldehyde and toluene.

Formaldehyde is commonly used to embalm bodies. It has a sickening, unhealthy smell. Medical researchers are well aware that this chemical is a likely carcinogen. It can also irritate the skin and aggravate asthma and cause other breathing difficulties.

However, despite these apparent health risks, formaldehyde is widely used in the nail industry, something that’s caught the attention of the United States Occupational Safety & Health Administration, which has issued a publication titled, Health Hazards in Nail Salons.

Electric Sander for Feet

A number of people, myself included, prefer to take care of our own feet, in the privacy and comfort of our homes. It is less expensive and doesn’t involve potential formaldehyde exposure, or contact with other questionable chemicals.

Consequently, there are more and more products being offered that allow us to do this. One is the Amope Pediperfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File, shown below.

This battery-operated device gently wears away hard, dry skin from your soles and other parts of your feet, in a matter of seconds. It’s very convenient, because you do not have to first soak your feet, in order to loosen up your skin. In fact, this electronic foot file is not designed to work on wet skin.

The fact that you don’t have the added step of soaking your feet allows you to use this file often, every day if you wish. This enables you to determine just how slow or fast you want to time the skin removal process. Batteries are included with this file.

I thought this using this file would be a little bit uncomfortable. But I was willing to pay the price in order to have smooth and sightly heels. However, I was pleasantly surprised. You can barely feel it as gently removes dried skin. But you can see it working as the tiny deal skin cells flake away.

It is so much easier to use than a pumice stone, and seems to do a much better job.

Electric Pedicure Foot SanderElectric Pedicure Foot Sander


The file only takes a minute or two to use. I’ve decided to remove my dead skin slowly, a little bit every day. But, for me, results were immediate, even after using it only once.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. People with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, or impaired circulation, should not use at-home pedicure products, unless they are cleared to do so by a physician.