Elevated Garden Bed With Legs

elevated garden bed with legs

In recent years, the idea of container gardening has really taken off. This is a perfect solution for apartment dwellers or for people who don’t have a lot of land.

Container gardens are also good for people with limited time.

This concept of raising plants in a relatively small enclosed space is also good if you have mobility issues, and walking is a chore, but still want to grow your own herbs and vegetables.

Gronomics takes the concept of raised garden beds to a new level. This elevated garden bed has legs. This means you don’t need to strain your back bending over to tend your plants.

This handcrafted cedar bed is also good for people who want to garden, but don’t want to construct their own ground-level bed. The individual parts of this bed simply slide together, and require no tools for assembly.

  • The Grownomics Elevated Garden Bed is made from non-toxic, non-finished red cedar, and it will look beautiful in your garden, on a deck or in an enclosed screen house.
  • This bed itself measures 24 by 48-inches.
  • This attractive raised garden bed is made in America.

Elevated Garden Bed on LegsElevated Garden Bed on Legs


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