Frog Escape for Pool

frog escape for pool

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Frogs often find themselves in over their heads, if they jump into an outdoor pool. This often happens as they migrate, when they move from shallow water, where they breed, to deeper waters, where they spend the winter.

These unfortunate amphibians who end up in swimming pools typically meet their demise, unless a human is there to rescue them. That’s because they usually can’t scale the slippery sides of a pool.

That’s why many pool owners are choosing to install pool flotation devices for small animals, which have comes to be known as “frog logs.” These sit at the edge of the pool, and allow the frogs to climb to safety.


Frog Escape for Pool


The Swimline Froglog has the potential to save many lives. Like a giant plastic lily pad, this device offer them a rest stop, as well as a way to safety. I think it’s a really nice thing to do for these cute little animals, which have no idea they’ve just jumped into dangerous waters.

Frogs are our friends. They eat mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects. They are also useful for telling us that something is amiss in the environment. When they start dying in large numbers, we know something is wrong. They the amphibian version of the canary in the coal mine.

The Froglog is intended to reduce the number of times you have to fish dead frogs, and possibly other creatures, out of your in-ground pool. This flotation device measures 17 by 15 by 18-inches, and it could potentially save the life of other critters as well, including lizards, turtles and squirrels.

Frog Log Pool Raft For FrogsFrog Log Pool Raft For Frogs