Galleria Umbrellas Gifts

Galleria Umbrella gifts

As the name suggests, umbrellas are one of this company’s specialty items. Galleria Umbrellas and Gifts has a line of high-fashion rain gear. This includes umbrellas with bold floral prints that cover the entire surface area.

Galleria Umbrellas Gifts

Galleria umbrellas make beautiful presents. That’s because they are both fashionable and functional. They’d be a great gift for that hard-to-please woman, or for someone who already has everything she needs. Everyone can use a good umbrella, designed to last I’ve found that cheaper discount-store versions often bend and break after just a few uses.

Gerbera Daisy Umbrella

The beautiful pink Gerbera Daisy umbrella below spans a full 48-inches to keep you dry when it’s miserable outside. This particular style features a fashionable scalloped edge, and is shipped in a gift box.

Gerbera Daisy UmbrellaGerbera Daisy Umbrella


It’s nice to be covered by a beautiful flower that thrives in the sun when it’s pouring outside. This lovely purple daisy pattern also has scalloped edges, like the pink Gerbera shown above. Because the print is so highly detailed, with rich colors, this umbrella also seems to have a three-dimension look. When folded, this full-size umbrella shrinks down to a compact 12.5-inches.

Purple Flower UmbrellaPurple Flower Umbrella


White Daisy Umbrella

This beautiful print is a neutral white daisy, which is perfect for more formal occasions. If you look closely, you can even see a few drops of “rain” on the petals, a detail that makes the pattern even more interesting and appealing.

White Daisy UmbrellaWhite Daisy Umbrella


Fun Daisy Facts

  • There are many types of daisies, but the most common is the distinctive white and yellow flower scientifically known as Bellis perennis.
  • The Bellis perennis¬†plant originated in Europe, but is now found in temperate climates throughout the world.
  • This plant is used by herbalists because it has various medicinal properties.
  • Homeopathic preparations of Bellis perennis¬†have also been made. One of it uses is for blunt trauma. Emotionally, it may be indicated for individuals who are described as “daisies.” They tend to bounce back after being trampled upon.