Gardening Seats With Kneelers

gardening seats with kneelers

An aching back and stiff joints take a lot of the fun out of gardening. But with the right support, tending your flower beds and vegetable garden  can become pleasurable again.

A number of products on the market are designed to make gardening more comfortable for the elderly, or for people suffering from mobility problems.

Gardening Seats With Kneelers

One of them is the Gardman R616 Foldaway Garden Kneeler and Seat. This can eliminate much of the constant bending down and bending over. It allows you can sit while pruning and weeding. Or, if you need to kneel, the lightweight steel frame can be turned over and used as a kneeling pad.

This durable device measures 22 by 11 by 19-inches. The comfortable seat is padded with foam. When you don’t need to use this lightweight kneeler, it folds away for easy storage.

This garden kneeler and seat would make the perfect gift for an elderly gardener, or for a younger person with physical limitations. It would also make a great Mother’s Day present if Mom likes to garden.

Gardening Seats KneelersGardening Seats Kneelers


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