Gift Ideas Soccer Coaches

gift ideas soccer coaches

This is a tribute to one of the world’s best soccer coaches, who occasionally managed to lead his team to victory.

Many of “his kids” towered over him. He stands just a little over five-feet tall. He commands the respect of his players, as well as their parents.

He’s a giant of a man, with a big heart and the patience of a saint.

“Coach” headed up a high school soccer team filled with some great players with great attitudes and a couple of players with serious behavior problems. He loves them all.

He calls them “my kids.”

If you know of a soccer coach like this one, perhaps you want to show him your appreciation. In this article, I’m going to include a list of gift ideas for coaches, while I tell you the story of this remarkable man.

A good gift for a coach of his caliber would be a t-shirt, which can be custom printed with the name of his team. You can order such a gift at Zazzle, an art house that lets you do the customization.


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Gift Ideas for Male Soccer Coach

“Coach” probably didn’t get paid much for what he’s did, considering the amount of hours he puts in. He coached two teams, one for boys and the other for girls. He also expended a great deal of energy organizing activities for the players off the soccer field.

A second part-time job would probably pay him more and allow him to have a car that runs better. But he’s wholly committed to coaching soccer.

One season, despite the fact he probably doesn’t have a lot of money, Coach charged a couple of thousand dollars worth of tickets on his credit card.

He had a connection. So he was able to score a great deal on tickets, for both players and their families, to a semi-professional soccer game.

“Look, I”m taking a chance and I trust that you’re going to pay me,” he told his players. No one let him down.

One thing coach might have appreciated was a soccer wall clock. He was a busy man, between working, coaching a number of teams and being involved in various civic functions. The clock below is sold by Zazzle. It has countless gift ideas and what you see here can also be further customized.


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Good Gift Ideas for Soccer Coaches

Coach is Hispanic. He is proud of his heritage. He loves to teach the players, many of whom come from white, upper-middle-class backgrounds, about his culture. At one of the end-of-the-year parties, he and one of the mothers, of the same heritage, provided the entertainment by performing a Spanish-style dance.

There is something remarkable about coach. He has a knack for knowing just what every child on his team needs, at that particular time. He has helped my own son tremendously. My son had experienced a terrible breakup with his first girlfriend before the season started. Coach gave him a lot of responsibility on the team, despite the fact my son was one of the youngest members.

Thank You Gift Ideas for Soccer Coaches

My son played on Coach’s team for several seasons. The first was a washout. The second season they gained a couple of star players, and had a great record. The third season they lost two of their stars, and lost most of the games.

Coach has the resources to coach a winning team. He knows the game. His son, who helps him out, once played semi-pro soccer. But, to his credit, Coach doesn’t push his players until it hurts.

He could maybe yell and scream at them, and maybe they’d win a few more games. But at what price?

Coach has built a community instead of an empire. The players have formed strong bonds. They see one another during the off season. I have no doubt some of them will be lifelong friends.

I love the selection of soccer coach neckties I found on Zazzle. These would be perfect for that special coach to wear to a sports banquet or award dinner.


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Gift Ideas for Soccer Coaches

Some people may say Coach is too easy on the kids and doesn’t discipline them enough. That might be a little true. There was one incident this fall, at the end of the last game of the season, when a player with obvious behavioral issues earned himself the dreaded red card by swearing at the umpire.

This particular player had emotional problems, and he wasn’t dealing with fact the team was losing so badly. His foul mouth had been an issue the entire season. Maybe another coach would have asked him to leave the team earlier on. Coach gave him a chance.

The only time we ever saw Coach upset was after this incident, “I can’t believe it,” he said, shaking his head with obvious sadness in his eyes. “We got a red card with three seconds left.”

That was a very disappointing season finale.


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How Coach Dealt With Tragedy

My son and his teammates were very fortunate to have such a caring adult step into the role of coach and mentor. The players have come from many different backgrounds, from very wealthy with seemingly stable family situations, to very poor, with all sorts of challenges. He taught them all, and the lessons weren’t just about playing soccer.

One player’s family was hit with a tragedy. An older brother of one player was tragically murdered. Coach assembled his team to talk about it. “We’re all going to the wake to show our support,” he informed them. “That’s the right thing to do.”