Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden Kits

grow your own vegetable garden kits

Are you having trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables? Perhaps you’ll have better luck with the produce harvested from the Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre, which includes seeds and other materials to grow five crazy-colored vegetables.

This company also sells different types of grow-your-own seed starter kits, including ones that will yield edible flowers, cocktail gardens and psychedelic salads.

Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden Kits

Purple carrots might be more appealing than just the standard orange roots, if you have fussy eaters at the table. Green Brussel sprouts are always a tough sell among people who don’t like to eat their greens. But things could change if you offer red sprouts. Or, perhaps, you can try striped tomatoes, yellow zucchini or multi-colored Swiss chard.

In addition to the seeds, this kit also includes growing pots, plant markers and peat blocks.

The Funky Veg Kit would also make a great gift for a beginning gardener, or a school science project. (This item is currently out of stock. I’ll update it when it becomes available.)

Grow Your Own Vegetable Starter KitGrow Your Own Vegetable Starter Kit


Grow Your Own Salad Kit

Garden salads with multicolored vegetables are much more interesting than a grouping of green veggies. That’s why the Psychedelic Salad Kit by Plant Theatre is so much fun.

This kit will allow you to grow salad fixings in unusual colors. For instance, there’s the “lemon cucumber,” which, with its round shape and yellow hue, looks remarkably like a lemon. Or, the multi-colored “Fiesta Blend” radishes will add some contrast to your salad bowl. Also, the ¬†Golden Detroit Beet seeds are yellowish, instead of beet red.

The Psychedelic Salad Kit, made by Plant Theatre, contains pots and peat blocks for growing some wild and crazy vegetables, right in your own garden.

This would also make a great gift for a child or an adult.

Grow Your Own Salad KitGrow Your Own Salad Kit


Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden Kit

Plant Theatre makes growing vegetables fun. In addition to its Funky Veg Kit, shown above, with seeds to grow wildly colored produce, and its Psychedelic Salad Kit, which contains materials for unusually hued salad fixings, it also offers the Cocktail Growing Kit.

This kit contains seeds, growing pots, peat blocks and plant markers, so you can grow the condiments you need to stock your own bar, and add some zing to your mixed drinks. This kit includes seeds for cucamelon, blue borage, lime basil, hyssop, lemon balm and mint, as well as 18 “cocktail recipes.” Of course, these herbs are also delicious if you use them for cooking, instead of drinking.

Cocktail Garden Vegetable KitCocktail Garden Vegetable Kit

Edible Flower Growing Kit

Flowers look beautiful in your garden. They also look stunning on your kitchen table, especially if they’re used to add color and zest to your recipes.

Many varieties of flowers are edible and they are good for you as well. However, you do have to be careful that you aren’t eating petals sprayed with pesticides, which is why you may want to think about growing your own edible flowers.

The Flower Growing Kit by Plant Theatre, shown above, provides the materials you need to harvest Bachelor’s Button, Blue Boy, Calendula, Dianthus, Marigold Sparky, Nasturtium and Johnny Jump Up Pansy.

This would make a great present for someone who loves flowers, and it will last much longer than a floral bouquet.

Gourmet Flower KitGourmet Flower Kit