Hamster Face Shirt

hamster face shirt

All Posters is an online art house that makes high-quality prints, including this lovable hamster face t shirt.

The company’s “Animal Shirt” line include a variety of cats, dogs and other creatures, with realistic details that resemble fur, skin folds, whiskers, snouts, and, in this case, tiny paws and beady eyes. The shirts featured in this gallery also have a three-dimensional look.

This shirt comes in a range of sizes, starting from small to 5XL. This is three sizes beyond extra, extra large.

All Posters offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with a product, or if it fails to meet your expectations. If it comes damaged in any way, a photo will usually suffice, for a replacement or a refund.

Domesticated hamsters are fun pets that have become very popular because these little rodents don’t require the level of care of a dog or a cat. With their generous cheek pouches, they are also very cute, as you can see from the photo below. Click to View Price.

hamster face shirt

Fun Hamster Facts

  • Domesticated hamsters are of a breed that is native to Syria.
  • Nearly all of the domesticated hamsters now sold in the United States are believed to have descended from a sibling pair that was once bred in Jerusalem.
  • It took a century before anyone was able to successfully breed hamsters in captivity, according to Wikipedia. (However, people who own male and female hamsters now seem to have encounter very little trouble as far as their pets producing offspring.)
  • Hamsters do not see very well. Instead, they are guided by their keen sense of smell.
  • These tiny rodents like to hoard food, as evidenced by the amount they are able to store in their cheeks.
  • Hamsters are fast breeders. Syrian hamsters may conceive their first litter as young as four or five weeks of age. The gestation period is only about 17 days, and a litter may be as large as 13 pups.