Heavy Duty Dog Poop Bags

heavy duty dog poop bags

It’s now considered very impolite to walk your dog without making provisions for what will happen when he “does his business.” This is a very happy trend. I’m old enough to remember when no one bothered to pick up the messes left on other people’s lawns.

Instead, nowadays, pet owners are expected to clean up whenever a pup relieves himself in public. (In many places, this is also the law.) We wouldn’t dream of taking our dog for a walk without first grabbing what my husband refers to as a “Bud bag.” (Our dog’s name is Buddy.)

Heavy Duty Dog Poop Bags

Most pet owners now carry plastic bags with them when they take their dog outside. However, as any dog owner can attest, the disposable bags you get at the grocery store are not really sufficient. For one, you can feel the waste matter in your hand, because the bags are so thin. Even worse, they often have holes.

If you’re looking for added convenience, and protection, Mutt Mitt bags are extra thick. So there’s more material between your hand and the solid waste. Also, Mutt Mitts can be tied and sealed, so you can keep odors inside better than you can with regular garbage bags.¬†Mutt Mitts can also be used to scoop up cat litter.

Heavy Duty Dog Poop BagsHeavy Duty Dog Poop Bags

Mutt Mitts Features

  • The box shown above contains 200 Mutt Mitts.
  • These mitts are made from double-ply plastic.
  • They are big enough to scoop up the waste of even the largest breeds.
  • The Mutt Mitts company website also notes a single bag could be used as a portable water bowl.

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