Heavy Duty Garden Cart With Wheels

heavy duty garden cart with wheels

Gorilla Carts, as the name suggests, are super heavy duty plastic and steel carts. They are designed to be rugged, durable and resistant to rust.

On this site, I like to write about things that can help make your life easier. If you have a lot of land, yard carts can make it easier to haul heavy loads of mulch, dirt, turf and plants around the yard or garden.

Several models of gorilla carts are available. I’ll explain the difference between the two models featured on this page.

Gorilla Poly Dump Cart

The model shown directly below appears to be one of the most popular. It has a maximum hauling capacity of 600 pounds. It’s made with pneumatic tires that can travel over various types of soil, grass or plant cover with ease.

As with the other Gorilla models, this cart has a bed that can quickly disengage when your load arrives at its destination in your garden. The bed, which measures 20 by 36-inches, and has a “patented quick release” feature, making it easy to dump its contents in the desired spot. This model is smaller than some of the other models. So it may more appropriate for a woman or an older person. This cart has a padded handle.

Gorilla Cart 600 Pound

Gorilla Carts 600 PoundsGorilla Carts 600 Pounds


Gorilla Cart 1200 Pound

The rugged, heavy-duty Gorilla garden dump cart has much better features than your average wheelbarrow. That’s because it’s designed to move large loads with relative ease. It has a 1,200-pound hauling capacity.

This cart has a poly material bed that can be filled with dirt, gravel, mulch and other garden materials. The steel frame is resistant to rust and the 13-inch tires are designed to travel with ease over any type of ground cover.

For added convenience, the handle of this cart can be attache to a tractor or to an all-terrain vehicle. The bed measures 40-inches in length and is 25-inches wide.

Gorilla Carts 1200 PoundsGorilla Carts 1200 Pounds


Heavy Duty Garden Cart With Wheels

Gorilla also makes various other models, including a 1,000-pound capacity, a 1,500-pound capacity and other styles with removable sides.