Heirloom Survival Seed Kits

heirloom survival seed kits

In recent years, there’s been a greater awareness of the need to become more self sufficient. This is a way of life that’s largely been lost.

With a heightened sense of insecurity in the world, it seems as if more people are interested in saving seeds, just in case. The definition of an heirloom plant is one that’s been cultivated for at least 50 years.

Many seed savers want heirlooms, for a number of reasons. One is nostalgia. Some heirloom strains were brought to North America by the early settlers. People planning to save seeds often choose heirlooms over hybrids. That’s partly because openly pollinated heirlooms tend to yield the same crop from generation to generation.

Non GMO Seeds Heirloom Seeds

Also, heirloom seeds, by nature, are not genetically modified. This is comforting, in light of the fact that GM corn has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Although more studies are needed, this has been enough to convince me to make sure I’m not making meals that contain GMOs and serving them to my family.

It appears as if a number of other people share my sentiments. Not surprisingly, a number of survival seed kits are now available online, for people who don’t want to get caught short without heirloom seeds.

Heirloom Emergency Seeds

Survival seed kits come in many sizes. You can find very large kits with thousands of seeds. But I wanted to show this one because it’s probably more than adequate for the average family, at least for the short term. It’s designed to be enough for one acre of planting.

This canister contains 20 varieties of fruits and vegetables. These include Blue Lake bush beans, California bell pepper, Market More Cucumber and Scarlet Nantes Carrots, as well as vintage strains of Romaine lettuce, cabbage, lettuce, beets, peas, corn, tomatoes, radishes, broccoli, butternut squash, spinach, Spanish onion, black turtle bean, cantaloupe, cauliflower, zucchini and watermelon.

The seeds are packaged to remain viable for more than five years if stored at 75-degrees F, and longer at lower temps.

Heirloom Emergency SeedsHeirloom Emergency Seeds


Biodegradable Seed Starter Pots

These biodegradable seed starter pots are enough to start 50 seedlings in a frost-free environment for later transplant. The benefit of using a biodegradable material is that there is no need to remove the seedling from the container it’s in, so everything can be planted in the ground. This container will then break down in the soil.

Biodegradable Seed StarterBiodegradable Seed Starter


Non GMO Organic Heirloom Seeds

This is a huge assortment of organic heirloom seeds. (Heirloom seeds may or may not be organic, depending upon how they’re derived.) This kit contains more than 25,000 seeds so you can have your own large heirloom organic garden.

Non GMO Organic Heirloom SeedsNon GMO Organic Heirloom Seeds


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