How Do Mosquito Dunks Work?

how do mosquito dunks work

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Mosquito Dunks are often used with Mosquito Bits. Both products contain a bacteria that’s harmless to humans and animals. But it delivers a fatal blow to mosquito larvae.

Mosquito Bits are not to be confused with mosquito bites. The latter cause itching red welts, and, in the worst case scenario, a disease such as West Nile Virus, which is becoming more common in the United States.

The bits are a safe mosquito solution, are designed to prevent itchy bites by killing the insect larvae. Mosquito Bits (and dunks) will not hurt fish, amphibians or household pets. These are even safe for use around young children, whom may happen to play in or near a treated area.

Although the two natural mosquito control products have the same action, they are used in slightly different ways. (I’ll explain).

How Do Mosquito Dunks Work?

First, here’s what the bits do.

The little “bits” shown in the cannister below contain a naturally occuring bacteria named Bti. This is harmless, except to mosquito larvae. It won’t hurt adult mosquitoes. But new generations can’t survive. This is why a lot of people like to buy this product in the spring, so they can get a jump start on slashing their mosquito population.

These bits are designed to be used repeatedly in bodies of standing water, or swamp-like areas, where mosquitoes breed. The bits are designed to give results quickly, since they go to work, immediately. Within a week, a new crop of mosquitoes is eradicated. Or, they may be used in areas where a dunk wouldn’t work well, such as a wet, swampy patch of land.

Mosquito BitsMosquito Bits

Mosquito Bits need to be reapplied throughout the season, to catch any fresh batches of potential pests. They don’t prevent female mosquitoes from laying eggs, nor do they keep females from flying onto your property from other areas. That’s why putting out new bits every week or so is the general recommendation.

Bits and dunks seem to be popular among people who live near standing water, a breeding ground for these disease-carrying blood suckers.

Mosquito Bits are often used in conjunction with Mosquito Dunks. These are doughnut-shaped devices that release the same bacterium. The main difference is that the “Dunks” do this more slowly, so they don’t kill these critters as fast. However, they provide more continuous coverage, as they break down slowly over the course of a month.

Each doughnut-shaped dunk is designed to deliver 100-square feet of protection.

Mosquito DunksMosquito Dunks