Fun Board Games for Parties

fun board games for parties

Do you like to invite other people over to your house for dinner? After everyone eats, it’s fun to take out a game, especially one that’s designed for multiple players.

Some of our best memories involve having our friends come to visit. They’d bring their children. After dinner, everyone would play¬†a family board game. Oftentimes, it was males against females. Guess who usually won?

In Pictionary, at least, it was always the women and girls. Maybe because we’re better at communicating with one another, without using words.

The games shown below are designed for both children and adults. (Younger ones, however, probably won’t have the skills to play these games.)

Fun Board Games for Parties

If you’re going to someone else’s house, a board game also makes a great hostess gift, because it will last a long time, and you’ll be remembered every time it’s played.

5 Second Rule Game Just Spit it Out

This is a fun party game because the participants become tongue twisted trying to name three different things associated with a chosen topic. Although it sounds easy, it becomes extremely difficult, because you only have five seconds to spit your answer out.

5 Second Rule Game Just Spit It Out5 Second Rule Game Just Spit It Out


Fun Board Games for Groups

This is a game we’ve played at our own house with dinner guests. There are two versions. One is not designed for children. The one I’m showing here is, as it’s made for ages 9 and up.

Fun Board Games For GroupsFun Board Games For Groups


Board Games for Kids and Adults

This is fun game that’s also been enjoyed at our house. Actually, it seems that nearly every time we get together with a certain group of friends, this game is part of the package. Similar to the classic game “charades,” players must draw their clue, so their teammates can guess correctly. We’ve found that the fun increases along with the number of participants.

The suggested age range is 8 to 15. But it’s also challenging for adults as well.

Board Games For Kids and AdultsBoard Games For Kids and Adults