Indoor Cat Climbers

indoor cat climbers

Cats love to climb. One of our cats would scale a barn board door in our old house, which led from the kitchen to the bathroom. It was very entertaining when people were visiting. Our cat would scurry to the top and perch himself on the ledge of the door.

Because the door was unstained, and virtually indestructible, we didn’t mind the fact that his claws dug into the wood, repeatedly. However, this wouldn’t work in every house.

Indoor Cat Climbers

Under those circumstances, we didn’t need to buy a special cat climber. Our indoor cat could exercise his natural instincts without ruining anything.

However, if you’re worried if your cat’s claws are going to destroy your favorite piece of furniture, you may want to consider getting kitty his own condo.

One thing we wouldn’t have wanted to do was let our cat outside, where he could climb trees. He was an indoor kitty, and a treasured family pet. Research has shown that the average lifespan of indoor cats far exceeds that of outdoor cats, which tend to survive only 1 to 5 years.

Indoor Cat Playhouses

This multi-level indoor cat playhouse stands 62-inches high. It contains various activities and spaces to keep your cut interested and entertained. There’s a little enclosed house for privacy, and a top level, for perching. The posts are partially covered with natural sisal rope, which can be used for scratching.

Indoor Cat PlayhousesIndoor Cat Playhouses


Door Mounted Cat Climber

This climber is a good choice for apartment dwellers, or for people who don’t have a lot of living space, because it attaches to a door. This spring-loaded climber is easy to install and remove, and your cat can use it for both climbing and napping.

Door Hanging Cat TreeDoor Hanging Cat Tree


Indoor Cat Climbing Trees

This attractive and interesting indoor cat climbing tree comes in various styles and colors. The one shown here stands about 74-inches in height. It’s also 50-inches in length and 22-inches in width. It also comes in different colors, including beige, which is shown here. This climber is made from plywood and covered with fake fur. It would be suitable for multiple cats. If you look closely at the picture, you can see several kittens on the top-level perches.

Indoor Cat Climbing TreesIndoor Cat Climbing Trees