Irish T Shirts Without A Drinking Theme

Irish t shirts without a drinking theme

Many people throughout the world celebrate Saint Patricks’ Day, in honor of one of Ireland’s patron saints.

Although this former bishop of Ireland might have downed a beer or two, on occasion, he certainly wouldn’t approve of his feast day being associated with drinking pint upon pint of green brew and staggering out of an Irish pub.

It’s not the beer he would have objected to. Catholic monasteries have a long tradition of making high-quality ale, which, traditionally, have allowed the monks to support themselves. So it’s not the beer itself that’s offensive.

Rather, it’s the lack of moderation and restraint that have resulted in a caricature of a drunken Irishman.

Nowadays, many of the Saint Patrick’s day t-shirts for sale online have a distinct drinking theme, promoting the idea that excess drinking is the only way to celebrate this holiday.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Here is a selection of Irish t-shirts that don’t glorify the idea of getting drunk.

Green Shamrock T-Shirt

My daughter’s Irish step dancer used to say, “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.” This simple t shirt shows a shamrock, with has come to be associated with Ireland and the Irish. It comes in men’s medium, large, extra large and extra extra large and is sold by All Posters.

Green Shamrock T Shirt

Saint Patrick and Shamrocks

The shamrock is associated with Ireland because it is green, and it’s also connected to one of the country’s favorite saints. It is said that Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain to the concept of the Holy Trinity.

Leprechaun Tee Shirt

I couldn’t believe the huge number of leprechaun shirts for sale on Spreadshirt, a large art house that has a huge Irish t-shirt selection. Some of the shirts did feature drunk leprechauns, or jokes about drunken Irish. But a lot of them didn’t. Here are three that feature these mythical characters that are supposed to have hidden pots of gold.

Trust Me I’m a LeprechuanPots of GoldLeprechaun T Shirt for Children


Irish Flag Tee Shirts

The green, white and orange National Flag of Ireland was first raised in the country right before Easter in 1916, during the famed Easter Rising. The colors on either edge represent the factions that have historically been at odds. The white in the middle symbolizes peace.

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Celtic Pride T Shirts

The t-shirt below is very straightforward. It symbolizes Celtic Pride, with a very simple Celtic design in the middle.

Celtic Pride T Shirt