Ladybugs for Sale Online

ladybugs for sale online

Nowadays, there are very few things that you can’t find online. More and more of us are doing are shopping this way, because it’s so convenient.

Believe it or not, you can even buy ladybugs online. If you’re in the market, 1,500 live ladybugs can be shipped to your house, so you can use them in your garden.

Not all insects are pests. A case in point is ladybugs, which are beneficial because they consume other insects that can damage your flowers and vegetables. Ladybugs love to munch on aphids, mites, moth eggs and other pests.

This is why many serious gardeners welcome these colorful black and red bugs, which were named after Mary, the Mother of God. Part of the reason they were named “ladybugs” is because of the seven black spots on their back. Catholics have a devotion to Mary called the Seven Sorrows. This means we remember each of the seven really sorrowful times in her life, such as when her only Son was crucified. Likewise, there is the Seven Joys devotion.

Where to Buy Live Ladybugs

So, if you’d like to add some live ladybugs to your garden, look no further. You can order more than 1,500 ladybugs, delivered to your door. Included is a special nutritional nectar that they can feed on, in addition to the garden pests that can attack your plants.

Buy Live LadybugsBuy Live Ladybugs


Ladybugs for Sale Online

The product description also said these bugs can be used for birthday parties. Apparently, some people might do that. I remember when my daughter was in preschool. One of her friends liked ladybugs, right around the time she was turning four. No doubt she would have loved it if 1,500 ladybugs showed up at her party.

Live ladybugs could also be used for school or camp science projects.

If you decide to get these bugs, your order includes educational material includes tips and information on how to release these colorful insects. Also included is a ladybug life cycle poster. According to the project literature, they are designed to be released right around dusk, after your garden is sprayed with water.

If you do order these bugs, carefully check shipping instructions to ensure they arrive alive. Extreme temperatures may call for expedited shipping.

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