Laundry Hamper for Boys

laundry hamper for boys

The whimsical nursery and early childhood accessories created by 3 Sprouts have a distinct look. They feature bright felt animal cutouts set against a cream-colored background.

These attractive organizational items are highly functional. They can be used to reduce clutter, by corralling the assortment of toys and loose items needed for a baby. This line of accessories can also compliment your nursery theme, and make the overall room look more “put together.”

Laundry Hamper for Nursery

For instance, the 3 Sprouts lion laundry hamper is much more eye pleasing than a plain plastic laundry basket. It will also fill up quickly. Newborns go through an amazing amount of laundry, in a very short period of time.

When my own children were little, reining in clutter was a constant battle. Our first house was small, and we needed every available bit of storage space. Anything that collected all of the things we had acquired was very much welcome. Unless you have a place to put everything, clutter will gain the upper hand.

Where to find 3 Sprouts

Although the 3 Sprouts boutique-style collection can be found in some brick-and-mortar specialty shops, it’s also available online. The lion laundry hamper shown below would make a present for a baby shower or to welcome a newborn to the world.

Laundry Hamper for Boys

You could also give this as a stand-alone present or you could add in matching or complimentary 3 Sprouts items. These include toy storage cubes, rectangular toy boxes with lids, flat organizer wall hangings and more. You can choose items from the same pattern. Or, you can mix and match. Even if you pick different animals, they all seem to work together.

Some of the other animal themes in this line are an elephant, a fox, a hedgehog, a peacock, a pink unicorn, a bumblebee, a whale, a rhino and more.

This cute and colorful lion hamper is made from polyester, and it can be wiped clean. It can fold up flat if you need to store it. It can be carried to your laundry room with built-in handles.

Laundry Hamper for NurseryLaundry Hamper for Nursery


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