Leaf Scoops For Garden

leaf scoops for garden

Have you ever raked your lawn, and noticed that it took a lot of effort and energy to get the leaves into a bag or other container?

It’s a lot of stooping and bending, which can be a chore for anyone with mobility problems. Apparently, this is why Gardex Garden leaf scoops were developed.

These colorful bright yellow leaf scoops are sold in a set of two. So you have one for each hand. Using them should allow you to pick up more leaves, in one movement, than you could otherwise, using just your bare or gloved hands.

Leaf Scoops For Garden

These leaf scoops are also designed to work well with other plant materials, such as grass clippings or piles of twigs.

Gardex Leaf ScoopsGardex Leaf Scoops


With their bright yellow color, these leaf scoops are easy to spot. So it reduces the likelihood of accidentally putting them in the trash, or losing them on your lawn. These Gardex Garden leaf scoops are Made in America.

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