Magnetic Curtains For Door

magnetic curtains for a patio door

I first saw a magnetic screen at my friend’s house. She is an excellent homemaker, someone who is always one step ahead of the pack on useful, money-saving ideas.

Once I noticed this screen in her family room, which leads to her outdoor deck, I figured it was one of those things that had a purpose.

She invested in a magnetic screen curtain after losing a couple of regular screens to house guests. They were headed from her house to her deck, and beyond to her backyard pool. But they didn’t notice the screen door standing in the way.

Now, during the summer, she uses a magnetic screen to keep the bugs out, especially when she has company.

Magnetic Curtains for Door

Magnetic screens are designed for the warm weather. They are a lifesaver for families that have a lot of traffic going in and out of the house.

The panels on this screen snap back into place, immediately after they are opened. This allows people and animals to enter, and limits the opportunity for insects to fly in. Also, if you are carrying items back and forth, from inside to outside, you don’t need to use your hands to open a regular screen door.

As my friend noticed, if you have small children, or a lot of company, this can potentially save your real screen, which people may not see and accidentally damage.

Magnetic Curtains for DoorMagnetic Curtains for Door


  • This magnetic screen door is designed to fit doors as large as 32 by 84-inches, after you measure it.
  • It is designed not to break.
  • It contains 26 powerful magnets.
  • This magnetic curtain comes with an instructional video to assist you with installation.
  • It’s designed to be free of gaps, in order to keep the bugs out.