Medical Health Benefits Beeswax Candles

medical health benefits beeswax candles

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Pure beeswax candles are considered healthy because they don’t pollute the air. Most modern candles are made from paraffin, a petroleum derivative.

There are growing concerns that burning paraffin releases toxins. In a widely reported study released a few years ago, researchers found that candles made from paraffin released potentially dangerous chemicals. These included benzene and toluene. Both are suspected carcinogens.

There’s also a belief that beeswax candles clean the air, rather than pollute it.

In any event, beeswax candles are nostalgic, harkening back to a time when they were the main form of indoor lighting.

Paraffin “wax,” is what most of the store-bought candles are made from. It’s derived from petroleum sludge. This sounds very unappetizing because it is. When they burn, these candles can emit chemicals.

Another potential problem are the fragrances added. Nowadays, when I want to freshen the air in my home, I use either essential oils or frankincense resin. I don’t want to fill the air with artificial scents.

At one time, I loved to burn scented candles, especially when company was coming over. It made my house smell so “homey.”

But now that I know paraffin is potentially toxic, I keep a few of these candles remain around as decorative items only. They never get used.


Advantages of Beeswax Candles


Fortunately, if you like to burn candles, beeswax versions are now sold online. In general, they last longer and burn for more hours than paraffin.

Some people believe burning beeswax can also help people with asthma and allergies. However, these are anecdotal reports. I am not aware of any studies showing these candles can help you breathe easier.

In the future, more research might be done. For now, we can confidently say one medical benefit of beeswax candles is that they offer a chemical-free alternative to regular candles.


Bluecorn Beeswax Candles


These candles can be ordered singly or in a pack of six. Each will burn for 45 hours, and are totally paraffin and lead free. (Lead wicks may still be found in some regular imported paraffin candles.) Bluecorn Naturals are handmade in Colorado. The candle shown below would make a great gift for a health conscious person.

beeswax candle in jar

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Non Toxic Tealight Candles


Bluecorn Naturals also makes the very popular tealight candles, shown below. These come in a set of 24 or 48 candles. Or, you can buy a smaller six-pack, just to see how you like them. Each of these tea lights will burn for five hours, which is longer than standard tealights, which, as others have noticed, are often being made with less wax, which means they don’t last as long as some older varieties.

non toxic tea light candles

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