Mini Portable Washer Machine

mini portable washer machine

The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash compact mini washing machine is perfect for people who live in apartments, or for anyone who doesn’t have a regular washer and dryer in their house.

This device can cut down on the number of times they need to haul their dirty clothes to a laundromat. That’s because it allows you to do a small load of laundry right in your kitchen. If you’re using a public laundromat, this device should pay for itself in a very short period of time.

Before I got married, and acquired my own washer and drier, I lived on my own. One of the biggest and most time-consuming chores was going to the laundromat. Because I hated waiting for my clothes to wash, I put them in a machine and left to do more errands. When I returned they were gone.

I don’t have fond memories of laundromats. In fact, I like to avoid them at all costs. Anything that can reduce the number of trips you need to take is a definite convenience.

This would make the perfect gift for a child moving into their own apartment. It could also be used in a dorm room or suite.

Mini Portable Washer Machine

This portable mini washer can clean your jeans and towels. But it’s also good for gently laundering hand washables. Because it is lightweight and portable, you can also take it with you on vacation, again, cutting down on potential laundromat time. The Wonderwash can clean up to five pounds of laundry in one cycle.

This machine is hand powered, so you aren’t consuming a lot of energy or water. It will also come in very handy during a power outage. No laundry connection is required. The load is cleaned in just a couple of minutes.

This washer is small and compact, measuring just 16 by 12 by 12-inches. So it can easily be used on your kitchen counter, and stored away until you need it again.

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