Modest Bohemian Clothing

modest Bohemian clothing

Bohemian clothing is fashionable right now. These Indian and Moroccan-inspired cotton skirts and blouses, with ruffles and lace, are also very romantic.

Casual and comfortable, Boho clothes can be worn during the day. Or, if you prefer to get dressed up, with the right accessories, they can even be formal enough for an evening wedding reception, especially if you pair them with gold jewelry.

Bohemian fashions transport us to another time and place. It’s now easy to find this breezy, carefree style in every conceivable color and pattern. However, it’s often difficult to find modestly designed Boho clothing, unless you know where to look.

A couple of companies, such as Holy Clothing, a family-owned business, makes a full line of handmade Renaissance, Boho and Gypsy dresses, skirts, tops and pants, which makes it possible to cover up, without sacrificing style.

Gray Bohemian Skirt

This beautiful skirt is hand stitched in India, under ethical working conditions. It has a Bohemian/Victorian look, with the lacy zig-zag bottom. Despite it’s intricate details, it’s machine washable on a delicate cycle, so it’s easy to care for and clean. This skirt is shown in gray, but it also comes in sapphire blue and a rich forest green.

Gray Bohemian SkirtGray Bohemian Skirt


Green Bohemian Blouse

This beautiful blouse has three-quarter sleeves and comes in a variety of shades and sizes. It is designed to go with some of the Holy Clothing skirts, such as the Isabella or Seanna, shown next. This fabric was also washed before it was assembled. It is made in India, under ethical working conditions.

Green Bohemian BlouseGreen Bohemian Blouse


Blue Bohemian Skirt

This flattering skirt style, which is named Seanna, is hand embroidered, like the other items in the Holy Clothing line. As you can see from the photo, this can be worn with a plain top, or paired with a Renaissance-style blouse, such as the one shown above.

This skirt is made from a type of fabric known as viscose, which is a very soft rayon that resembles cotton.

Blue Bohemian SkirtBlue Bohemian Skirt


Holy Clothing Brand

These are just a few of the designs found in the entire Holy Clothing collection, which has a wide range of styles for women of all ages, who love the Bohemian or Gypsy look, but are also interested in dressing modestly.