Monster Bowling Sets

monster bowling sets

Monsters are ugly and frightening creatures. So we don’t mind taking a bowling ball and throwing it at them in hopes of knocking them all down. If we can conquer them in this way, then, perhaps, we don’t have to worry about them coming into our rooms at night and hiding in our closet.

Some children may also fear that monsters may take up residence under their beds. Monster anxiety only happens at night, when the sun goes down and the room is dark. During the day, all monsters mysteriously disappear.

Anyway, that line of thinking might be the idea behind the recent craze of monster bowling sets, popularized partly by American toy manufacturer Melissa & Doug. They have created a line of monster bowling sets.

Monster Bowling Pins

What Kids Want, another toy manufacturer, offers its own version of monster 10-pin bowling, with slightly scary-looking plastic monsters.

So, go ahead, knock them down. They have it coming.

Melissa Doug Monster Plush Bowling Set

It’s hard to resist the furry monster bowling pins made by Melissa & Doug, a husband-wife team dedicated to making safe, high-quality, educational toys. They have now been in business for more than 25 years, after getting their start making toys in the garage of Doug’s parents’ house, according to the company website.

The Melissa & Doug line now includes more than 2,000 products. The monster bowling set is geared toward the younger set, aged two and up.

The set shown below features six soft monsters and a soft ball to throw at them.

Melissa Doug Monster Plush Bowling SetMelissa Doug Monster Plush Bowling Set


Monster Bowling Sets

The monster bowling set you can see below has goofy plastic monsters that look friendly and frightening at the same time. This set, based on the Monsters University Disney film.

Each of the six pins on this set features a monster. The pins come with a plastic bowling ball that is modeled after the real 10-pin balls found in bowling alleys. This bowling set can be used indoors or outdoors and would make a great birthday party game.

Disney Monster Bowling SetDisney Monster Bowling Set