Moroccan Leather Pouf Brown

Moroccan leather pouf brown

Bohemian-style home furnishings are inspired from faraway places in North Africa, Central Asia or the Indian subcontinent. In recent decades, this type of decor has become very popular in home furnishings and accessories in the West.

It is mysterious, exotic and romantic. If you like Bohemian (or Boho) the good news is that it’s now easy to find just about whatever you’re looking for online. There’s need to travel to a distant city, or take a plane ride to North Africa to browse in the souks. (Although, that would be a lot of fun.)

Moroccan Leather Pouf Brown

This beautiful Moroccan brown leather ottoman shown below is sold by Casablanca Market. It comes from Morocco, where it is handmade from real leather. The embroidery is also done by hand, by female artists.

In addition to being stylish and unique, it is highly functional as well. This 18 by 18 by 12-inch ottoman can be used as a seat, a foot stool or an end table in the right space. Another recommendation is to use a several of these ottomans as chairs around a low table.

The pouf pictured here has brown tones. But it can also be ordered in various colors, such as light blue, dark blue, green, red and yellow.

Moroccan Brown Leather OttomanMoroccan Brown Leather Ottoman