Natural Mascara Without Chemicals

mascara without chemicals

In recent years, a number of plant-based cosmetics have come onto the market, which offer women much safer choices. These healthier formulas are free of parabens, which are known to disrupt the hormones and possibly increase the risk of breast cancer, because they mimic estrogen.

Also, incredible as it sounds, it’s legal to add a little mercury to mascara sold in the United States. This is one reason I choose my brand of mascara very carefully.


Natural Mascara Without Chemicals

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It might seem as though the type of mascara you wear doesn’t matter, even if it’s loaded with chemicals, or it contains a small amount of mercury, because it only goes on your eyelashes. However, mascara tends eventually bleed onto your skin, and any toxins it contains can then wind up in your bloodstream. Also, most women tend to use mascara every day. So the effects can be cumulative.

Once I realized the assortment of chemicals found in most mascara, I tried Physicians Formula non toxic mascara and never looked back. It works much better than the chemical-based brand I was using before.

All of the ingredients in this mascara shown below are natural, and 70 percent of them are organic.

Non Toxic MascaraNon Toxic Mascara