Natural Organic Prenatal Vitamins

all natural organic prenatal vitamins

Many health experts believe that whole-food vitamins that derive their nutrients from natural sources are better assimilated by the body. They also contain the required micro nutrients in just the right proportions.

This is a view that was shared by the homeopathic holistic healthcare practitioner we worked with when my children were little. She insisted I stop giving my children synthetic vitamins. I’m so glad I took her advice. They seemed to enjoy much better health once I got rid of these concoctions, and they did start to get their vitamins from the foods they ate.

Everything I’ve read since then has convinced me she was on the right track. Now, I only buy whole food vitamins for myself and for my family. For instance, I get my B-complex vitamins from natural sources. Of course, please remember that I’m not a doctor and I can’t give medical advice. So, if you’re pregnant, you’ll want to check with your own healthcare provider for the best advice on vitamins.

All Natural Organic Prenatal Vitamins

This is also why some mothers-to-be prefer to take an organic prenatal vitamin, in an attempt to give their baby the healthiest start possible.

Garden of Life My Kind prenatal vitamins are USDA-certified organic. They also contain the recommended amount of folic acid, which comes from organic lemon peels. This formula also contains ginger and peppermint to help counteract the nausea that sometimes arises in early pregnancy.

Organic Prenatal VitaminsOrganic Prenatal Vitamins


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