Natural Remedies for Dogs Bad Breath

natural remedies for dogs bad breath

You may love your dog. But his breath is enough to knock you over.

There are various reasons why dogs can have bad breath. In any event, before trying a home remedy, it’s important to work with your vet to assess the situation. This is something that can be caused by metabolic disturbances, such as diabetes, which is very common in older pets.

Other reasons for a foul-smelling breath can include dysbiosis in the gut. Aging canines may not digest food as efficiently as pups. Also, elderly dogs are more prone to tooth decay. This, in and of itself, is a condition that warrants attention. Again, this is something you’ll want to discuss with your vet.

A dog’s natural diet can also lead to halitosis. Let’s face it, much of what a dog ingests doesn’t smell good. So it’s no surprise that your pet’s breath reflects what goes into his stomach. Some dogs even have the nasty habit of eating their own feces. This can be yet another reason for bad-smelling breath.

Natural Remedies for Dogs Bad Breath

However, after ruling out serious problems, there are some home remedies for dog halitosis. One would be not to give your pet food that stinks. Also, you may want to consider food that’s easier to digest.

Our own elderly dog now eats a low carbohydrate diet, comprised party of grain free kibble. I truly believe this has helped his digestion and health. I can’t say enough about this food, as It’s seemed to do really good things for our dog. Although I have no proof, and I’m basing this statement only on personal observation, this food really did seem to improve his health.

Mint Breath Fresheners for Dogs

Another potential solution is a product such as Bone-A-Mints. These are all-natural breath freshener treats made just for dogs. These treats must be chewed, so built-up plaque and tartar is removed in the process. Also, they contain herbs, such as fennel and dill, to assist with digestion, as well as chlorophyll, which may help freshen the breath by working at a systemic level with its detoxifying action. These wheat-free treats can be ordered in different sizes.

Mint Breath Fresheners For DogsMint Breath Fresheners For Dogs



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