Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients Book

Cancer patients will get a much different perspective after reading Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients. It’s written by a famous medical doctor, who offers potentially lifesaving strategies for support during treatment.

In America, mainstream oncologists do not recommend alternative medical treatments. This happens, in part, because it’s illegal to do so. A doctor who steered someone away from the various FDA-approved treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation, could lose his or her license.

This isn’t the case in Germany and in Mexico. Even patients considered “terminal” are sometimes often cured with cutting-edge non-toxic therapy.

As anyone who’s watched a loved one battle cancer knows, all too well, conventional treatments are far from perfect. If they were, people wouldn’t fear this disease. That’s because they’d know that if they were diagnosed, safe and effective treatments would exist to manage, or even reverse, their condition.

Unfortunately, this isn’t happening now. Each year, cancer claims more than 585,000 lives in the United States, and many more in other parts of the world.

Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients Book

So, is there anything you can do to boost your odds of surviving, if you happen to develop this all-too-common disease? Yes, says Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD. In his book, Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, he outlines how nutrition, coupled with the right supplements, can enable your body to rally, in order to kill the cancerous cells that have gained an upper hand on your immune system.

Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients

Dr. Blaylock explains who to eat while undergoing cancer treatment, as well as which supplements to take. The right combination of food and supplements can also help protect your healthy cells.

Dr. Blaylock is a well-respected retired neurosurgeon who received his medical training at the LSU School of Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. He has written several other books, including Health and Nutritional Secrets that Can Save Your Life.


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